Priority National Challenges & Opportunities Facing a New American President: Issues for the Debates

“An Overview of Issues Facing The New President”
By: John Norton Moore

“Economic Growth”
By: John H. Cochrane

“Defense and Security Policy”
By: Admiral Dennis C. Blair

"Foreign Policy"
By: Chester A. Crocker

“Promoting Democracy, Human Rights, & The Rule of Law"
By: David J. Kramer

“Immigration Policy”
By: Peter Skerry

“Targeting Disease: Musculoskeletal Conditions”
By: Dr. Steven R. Goldring, MD

“Social Security Optionality: Reducing The Wealth Gap”
By: Peter Ferrara

“Controlling The Deficit”
By: Peter Ferrara

“What Tax Reform Should Look Like Under The Next President”
By: Grover Norquist

“Reducing Prison Populations: One Of Mandy Needed Criminal Justice Reforms”
By: Harry R. Marshall, Jr.

“Education Against Crime: Fostering Culture Supportive Of The Rule Of Law”
By: Dr. Roy S. Godson

“Relational [Community] Policing”
By: Chief Timothy J. Longo, Sr.

“Freedom & Authority: Right-Sizing Government
By: John Norton Moore